Which Yoga Poses to Avoid When You are Pregnant

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most beautiful time in the life of any mother. It’s indeed an emotional roller coaster that puts a mother into certain limitations. However, a mother happily accepts and restricts herself in terms of her dietary and general habits so she may give birth to a healthy baby. Similarly, there are certain poses a pregnant woman shouldn’t perform in order to avoid any injury. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to know that where there are limitations within yoga during pregnancy for a few poses, there is a whole other variety a woman can perform. 

For now, let’s focus on the poses that a mother should avoid so we are more knowledgeable to avoid any such danger in the future. 

  • Closed Twists

In pregnancy, doctors recommend to create space for the baby and avoid any form of pressure or resistance that may hinder its growth. Therefore, revolving your chair or closing your chair minimizes space for the baby. It limits the blood circulation to the body, which is a necessity; therefore, always go open twists only. 

  • Belly Down Postures

After the first three months, a mother doesn’t feel comfortable lying flat on her stomach. It tends to put significant amounts of pressure on it, creating potential issues for the baby. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid postures such as Cobra, Locust, or Bow Pose. 

  • Major Backbends

Backbends, including wheel, are tremendous exercises for your back and abdominal regions. However, it poses the threat of causing an injury if carelessly stretched excessively. It can over-stretch the abdominals and, in worst cases, tear it as well. Also, you don’t need to stretch your abdominals because of all the “activity” going in your stomach already with the baby. 

  • Full Inversions

Full inversions are hard poses to perfect and require months of dedication and hard work. However, during your pregnancy, avoid these altogether. Your baby is positioned head down within your stomach, so doing poses such as headstand, handstand, or arm balances could potentially make your baby confused and affect his or her health. 

  • Heated Yoga

Bikram and other forms of heated yoga would certainly extend your limits of stretching and will help you achieve maximum flexibility. However, it is recommended that you don’t perform it during pregnancy, as it may increase the temperature of your core above safe levels. 

We recommend that you perform soft yoga poses during your pregnancy and primarily focus on your breathing techniques. Focus on yoga types that allow maximum blood circulation within your body, so your baby gets the best nutrients available to them. 

Dehydration is another core problem with yoga classes. Yoga can be quite sweaty especially, in a crowded classroom, therefore always have a bottle filled with cold water by your side. Keep your hydration levels up and hit your yoga throttle after the delivery. 

We recommend that you focus on standing, grounding, and labor preparation poses. Yin Yoga is also great during pregnancy as it mainly focuses on meditation and providing a healthy and clear mind. 

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